Phenomenology, topography, metaphor and symbolism in South East London

Walks and Talks

StreetSurfaces is now conducting tours of the unique area covered by these photographs - namely the districts of Waterloo and Bankside. Paul has been the milkman for this area for the last 40 years and has seen many of the contemporary developments in architecture and planning at first hand.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange or go on one of these tours. more...

StreetSurfaces presents a unique Talk about the role electricity and plasmas play in the morphology of the Universe.

Please get in touch if you would like to me present this Talk for your event.


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This is a website for those interested in the topography, metaphor and related urban mythologies of the landscape of the street. This surfaces here proposed are seen as acting like an active membrane, such as the surface of a biological cell or the photosphere of the Sun. As such, they engage in all the dynamics associated with transference. Architecture and urban planning usually concern themselves with the spatial arrangement of overt above ground structures. But here we are attempting to investigate the way the visual, virtual and metaphoric of this transitional layer affects the way we navigate across the land, in the skies above and in the imagined spaces beneath our feet.

How we interpret this lexicon is important to the vitality with which we traverse the urban environment. Some would say this is all there is. Visitors to this site however, may well prefer to suspend adherence to such creeds and approach the field with a more skeptical and empirical methodology. On one side there is the bricks and mortar reality of the physical structures, the buildings, drainage systems, utilities, etc. and the flows of metaphorical mind-space that inhabit this theatre. Some have called this Cloud 'linear threads attached to persona' and there is a great deal of substance to this interpretation. But this is by no means the whole story...

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