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2 Hours, 2 miles. No breaks (unless asked). Max number 12 persons.

This Tour starts at the London Eye where we get an idea of the geography of the area from pre-historic times to the present. Standing where the 1951 Festival of Britain site once stood we scan a panorama of architecture from different eras, before assembling by the Thames for some more architecture from the 60's and 70's. Weather permitting we will trace the air traffic structures passing overhead before tracking inland to see new developments taking place along the Upper Ground service road.

Cutting South again a few blocks we see examples of the rivalry between private and beneficent social housing projects of the early 1800's before surfacing again to visit contemporary developments around Southwark Station.

Crossing from Lambeth into Southwark we visit some of the local companies that service the architectural practices in the area. Tracking South we return again to Southwark's historic 'Heart of Darkness' including one of the Victorian Ragged Schools and the unconsecrated graveyard for the poor. The Tour ends on the Southern Fortress (hence South-Wark), the site of King Canute's stand against the Danes in 1016, before ending at the historic George Inn.